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Warehouse & Storage Safety Poster

Warehouse & Storage Safety Poster

This Warehouse and Storage Safety Poster highlights basic information regarding warehouse and storage safety and is aimed at increasing awareness of any potential hazards, thus reducing the risk of injury.
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This Warehouse and Storage Safety Poster aims to help workers manage safety issues specific to when working in a warehouse and when storing items within any workplace.

The poster covers:

  • Health and Safety Warehouse Management
  • Causes of injury
  • Training
  • Conducting Risk Assessments
  • Warehouse Design and Layout
  • Pallet Storage
  • Racking Inspections

The Warehouse and Storage Health and Safety Poster uses simple bullet points, detailed illustrations and user-friendly text for easy display around the workplace.

The poster is supplied as a full colour encapsulated poster, suitable for use in all workplaces, and is 590 x 420mm in size.

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