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Sharps Disposal and Needlestick Injuries Poster

Sharps Disposal and Needlestick Injuries Poster

Our Sharps, Disposal and Needlestick Injuries Poster provides safety information on how to appropriately manage and handle sharps and needlesticks within the workplace and other environments.
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Sharp objects around the workplace can be a major hazard especially if contaminated and not disposed of properly. It is important for workers to understand the dangers and be aware of how to avoid causing injury to themselves or others.

Our Sharps Disposal and Needlestick Injuries Poster covers:

  • What are sharps
  • What are the dangers
  • Safe handling and disposal of sharps
  • Dealing with contaminated sharps in public areas
  • What to do in the event of a needlestick injury

The sharps disposal and needlestick injuries poster uses simple bullet points, colourful illustrations and reader-friendly text for clear and concise communication.

The poster is supplied as a full colour encapsulated poster, suitable for use in all workplaces and in the size 590 x 420mm.

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