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SCOTT Safety Pro2 Filter Cartridge - P3

SCOTT Safety Pro2 Filter Cartridge - P3

This Scott Pro2 filter cartridge 053070 - P3 is for solid and liquid particles and is a fractional £5.38 from SSD!
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SCOTT Safety Pro2 Filter Cartridge - P3

053070 - P3 solid and liquid particles. 

Scott Safety Pro2 range of filters are designed for use with the Scott Safety’s Profile half and Scott Safety Promask Twin full face respirators.
Particle, gas and combined cartridges from the Scott Safety Pro2 range use a bayonet locking mechanism and feature unique protective covers with recessed inlet grills. The covers protect the filters from splashes and sparks.
Filters are positioned with the inlet grills to the rear for good balance and an unobstructed field of vision. 

The Scott Safety P2 Pad and Retainer system is used in conjunction with the Scott Safety Pro2 gas and vapour filters to provide P2 protection and extend filter life.
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