Safety Check - Contractor Competence Assessment Scheme

Safety Check - Contractor Competence Assessment Scheme

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Safety Check - Preferred and Approved Contractors.The Safety Check Contractor database has been designed to ensure that contractors engaged by the company are competent, and can demonstrate their compliance with health and safety legislation as applicable to the scope of their business.

Safety Check

Preferred and Approved Contractors

What is Safety Check?

The Safety Check Contractor Assessment Scheme has been designed to ensure that the contractors/sub-contractors you use are competent, and can demonstrate their compliance with health and safety legislation as applicable to the scope of their business.

It is intended that by using Safety Check, you can simplify your contractor assessment procedures, saving valuable time and money, whilst also ensuring that you are taking reasonable steps to assess the competence of the contractors that you employ.  All contractors that are assessed on your behalf are then registered on the Safety Check database.

The database provides a 2 tier level of acceptance:

1. (Level 1) Preferred Contractor

2. (Level 2) Approved Contractor


All preferred contractors named and entered on the database will have been subject to a number of checks. They will have indicated their desire to achieve preferred contractor status. Most importantly they will have had to demonstrate:

• Sound technical knowledge
• Rigorous Health & Safety policies and procedures
• Detailed training records where particular legislation requires this; i.e. Control of Asbestos, First Aid, COSHH, Work at Height, Confined Space working etc.
Adequate insurance provision
• Environmental awareness

The use of preferred contractors from the database will mean that the assessor will use contractors with a high level of compliance with health & safety legislation.

(Level 2) Approved Contractor

All approved contractors named on the database will have been subject to the same number of checks as those wishing to achieve Level 1 status. However, some deficiencies will have been identified during our evaluation process. These deficiencies will be brought to the attention of the contractor who will be encouraged to address the deficiencies and progress to Level 1 status.  These deficiencies will need to be addressed before the contractor is re-assessed (if such deficiencies are addressed and corrected before the re-assessment date the contractor will move to Level 1 (Preferred Contractor) status.  If they are not addressed before or at the stage of re-assessment the contractor may remain or be removed from the assessor’s database of approved contractors. The assessor will always use preferred contractors in place of approved contractors where possible.


The assessor or their safety representative’s Safety Services Direct Ltd may periodically audit the performance of all contractors on the database. Should any preferred contractor fail to meet the highest levels of health & safety compliance, service and workmanship, they will be removed from the Level 1 (Preferred Contractor) status. Where serious breaches or health & safety have occurred, the preferred or approved contractor will be removed from the database completely.

Do I Need the Safety Check Service?

SAFETY CHECK, COMPETENT PROFESSIONAL, ONLINE, HEALTH, SAFETY, CONSULTANT, The main intention of the 'Safety Check' scheme is to assist organisations, who regularly use contractors/sub-contractors, to manage and assess the competence of the companies and individuals that they use.  In particular, following the implementation of the new CDM Regulations in April 2007, there is now a greater and more explicit legal requirement on organisations to carry out competence assessments on the contractors that they use.  Safety Check has therefore been designed to provide you with a cost effective and convenient way to help manage your sub-contractor assessments, enabling you to have your sub-contractors assessed by competent Health & Safety Practitioners and thereby meeting your legal requirements at an affordable price.

How Does it Work?

The Safety Check Scheme is quite straight forward and works in the following way:

  1. You provide Safety Services Direct Ltd (SSD) with contact details for the contractors that require assessing.
  2. SSD write to each contractor enclosing a questionnaire and guidance information.
  3. Contractor completes the questionnaire and returns it to SSD together with supporting information.
  4. SSD using only Chartered Health & Safety and Construction Professionals to review the information supplied, registers the contractor on the 'Safety Check' database.
  5. Contractors who meet the minimum legal requirements are registered as either 'Level 1 (Preferred Contractor)' or 'Level 2 (Approved Contractor)'.
  6. Contractors who fail to meet the minimum legal requirements are initially registered as 'Failed', however a letter will be sent to them outlining the areas that need to be addressed, giving them the opportunity to provide further evidence and have their status changed from 'Failed' to 'Level 1 (Preferred Contractor)' or 'Level 2 (Approved Contractor)', depending on the information submitted.
  7. Summary reports will be prepared and issued by email to you to enable you to review the status of any contractor; these will be updated and re-issued as and when required.
  8. Each Contractor assessment is generally valid for 12 months.

Have you assessed the competence of your contractors?


What do I need to do?

In order to carry out the assessments, we would require the following information for each contractor that is to be assessed; there is no minimum number of contractors that we will assess and we will maintain a database of all of your contractors.  You or your designated representatives, such as site managers, will then be able to call us to query any information on the database.  We will also provide you with a regular Email Summary Reports on the status of the contractors on your list.  In order to make the initial assessment we will need your contractors:

  • Proprietor/Directors Name
  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

If you would like us to assess contractors on your behalf you can order the number of contractors that you would like assessed on-line.  There are 2 price levels.  We offer a discount for all of our Safety Advisory Service (SAS) Clients who are charged at £146.00 plus VAT per contractor assessment, whilst non SAS Clients are charged at £170.00 plus VAT per contractor assessment.  Please select the appropriate charge from the drop-down menu.  If you have multiple contractors to assess please increase the number of contractors to be assessed on the shopping cart page.

Alternatively to speak to a Health and Safety Advisor, call us on:

01237 477931