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Safety Advisory Service (Competent Health and Safety Advice & Consultancy)

Safety Advisory Service (Competent Health and Safety Advice & Consultancy)

Our comprehensive Safety Advisory Service (SAS) provides you with access to your own Competent Health and Safety Advisor/Consultant for less than £1.00 a day. Enabling you to effectively have your own named Health and Safety Consultant/Advisor. Our Safety Advisory Service is also ideal for those looking to gain CHAS, SafeContractor, EXOR, SMAS or other SSIP/Contractor Accreditations.

Safety Advisory Service (SAS)
Competent Health and Safety Advice and Support for your Company

The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 states that every employer must enlist one or more competent persons to assist them in complying with their statutory duties under Health & Safety Law.  Where no competent person exists within a company the services of an external Health and Safety Consultant or Advisor, such as Safety Services Direct, should be sought.

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CHAS Information Sheet

At Safety Services Direct, we offer a cost effective service to such organisations by providing the assistance of a competent person under Regulation 7 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.  As part of the service we will always ensure a competent and professional approach to the management of health and safety issues and have extensive experience of working with a wide range of clients in providing support and advice on all matters of Health & Safety and associated legislation, including Environmental issues. 

Furthermore, Safety Services Direct can assist your organisation in tendering and pre-qualifying for contracts with clients/principal contractors insist that organisations clearly demonstrate their competence and arrangements with regards to current health and safety requirements.

Many clients, especially local authorities and government departments are now demanding that as a company you must be able to demonstrate your competence through schemes such as CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) if you are to be awarded tenders and contracts.

For a one-off, annual fee, our Safety Advisory Service includes the provision of a competent Health and Safety and Environmental advice and support service. Significant discounts are also usually available upon renewal of the service in subsequent years.

Our Safety Advisory Service can also be used to help organisations demonstrate their competence and commitment to health and safety, when applying for work on local authority tender lists, when making CHAS or SafeContractor applications; and when pre-qualifying for work with larger contractors.  In fact by subscribing to our Safety Advisory Service, you may secure new and larger contracts as a direct result of your commitment to health and safety. For more information about CHAS and the CHAS Services that we offer, please view our CHAS Information page.

The following benefits are all included as part of the Safety Advisory Service, and with our fees costing less than £1 a day, it is a small price to help you comply with the law and have piece of mind that you are addressing your Health, Safety and Environmental obligations:

Email Advice and Support

We offer unlimited email advice from our Professional Safety Consultants.  You will be provided with a priority email address and we will usually respond to all emails within 4 working hours of receipt (though often an immediate response can be provided).  This will either detail the next stages with regards to what we are doing in relation to your enquiry or provide direct advice, including the provision of guidance material (where applicable) in response to the enquiry made. 

Email contact is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

Telephone Advice

We supplement the above service with the provision of a telephone advisory service. This service would be available to you between the hours of 9.00am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday, excluding Bank and public holidays and the days between Christmas and New Year (out of hours calls may be made in exceptional circumstances). You will also be provided with direct 24 hour access to your named consultant.


Where appropriate, the service would include initial opinion and advice from a Safety Services Direct Consultant, but would not extend to cover any site work or extensive research. An initial response would be made on the day of the call and our aim would be to answer the query in full by the end of the following working day at the latest. The exception would be cases where we are awaiting on materials from outside organisations such as the HSE.

Annual Review of Safety Policy

Our fully qualified consultants will carry out an annual review of your Health & Safety Policy and provide recommendations as to any amendments/updates that are required.

Assisting with the Reporting of Accidents/Incidents to the HSE

If required, we will provide assistance in preparing and filing the appropriate reports to enforcement agencies such as the HSE when a workplace accident occurs.

Use of the Safety Services Direct Name

Companies that have a valid Safety Advisory Service contract will be entitled to use Safety Services Direct’s name and associated information in support of tender submissions in the demonstration of the availability of competent Health & Safety Advice and Support and in the availability of competent Environmental Advice and Support.

Companies will be provided with a copy of a corporate CV for their principal consultant and a membership certificate confirming that they utilise the services of Safety Services Direct.  These documents can be included in tender submissions to help demonstrate your committement to health, safety and environmental issues.

Newsletter and Health and Safety Information Sheets

All SAS customers will receive a copy of our regular newsletter 'Safety Matters' as well as regular and more detailed Health and Safety Information Sheets on key topics of interest to keep you abreast of the latest developments and changes in Health and Safety.

Discounted Consultancy Fees

With a Safety Advisory Service contract, our clients are entitled to a discount of up to 10% on consultancy fees for any additional services that may be required. Such services could include the preparation of, or assistance with:

Priority Service

We offer a priority service for all SAS clients.

Our services are covered by full Public liability, Employers liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. Our consultants are members of IOSH, APS and other professional institutions.

Click here f here r a PDF copy of our Safety Advisory Service Brochure

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