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Product Code: PO4
Kitchen hygiene is an essential element for ensuring food safety in any kitchen or food preparation area from restaurants and cafes, to hotels and bars, even in staff kitchen areas and canteens. This poster helps organisations to educate staff about kitchen hygiene and to reduce the risks associated with poor hygiene.

Kitchen Hygiene Poster

Our "Kitchen Hygiene" poster provides extensive guidance on safe kitchen hygiene requirements for minimising the risks associated with poor levels of hygiene.  This poster is a must for all kitchen and food preparation areas. 

The poster uses user-friendly text, bullet points and clear illustrations to help workers understand the importance of maintaining high levels of kitchen cleanliness/hygiene in any kitchen or food preparation area.

Areas covered on this poster are:

  • Keeping Your Kitchen Clean
  • Washing Up 
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Waste Disposal
  • Pest Control

The poster is supplied in full colour as a plastic encapsulated poster and is suitable for use in any workplace.

The size of the Kitchen Hygiene Poster is 590 x 420mm.

  • Weight: