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Eye and Face Protection

Keep Safe Thermex Evo Double Lens Safety Goggle

Keep Safe Thermex Evo Double Lens Safety Goggle

Thermobaric Moisture Control technology, allowing air trapped between the lenses to pass through the filter, preventing the seals becoming compromised by inner air pressure - this goggle will not fog. Very good for extremes of temperature. In stock and ready to order now for a minuscule £19.68!
Keep Safe Thermex Evo Double Lens Safety Goggle

Our Thermex Goggle has advanced double lens protection with TMC technology to offer fog-free use, even in extreme environments. The goggles are polycarbonate on the outside and acetate on the inside, no other goggle on the market offers better resistance to lens fogging. 

This thermex goggle also provides dust, liquid splash, molton metal, extreme temperature and 99.9% UV protection. It has synthetic rubber foam housing the goggle which provides a comfortable fitting to a wide range of facial profiles. 

  • Indirect vented 
  • Class 1 optics 
  • KN class anti-mist and anti-scratch
  • B grade impact (medium energy) at extremes of temperature