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GVS Elipse P3 Half Dust Mask

GSV Elipse P3 Half Dust Mask | Safety Services Direct

GVS Elipse P3 Half Dust Mask

The GSV Elipse P3 Half Dust Mask/Respirator is one of our most advanced designs when it comes to dust masks and respirators. Ideal for those who want comfortable and well-fitted protective gear that both feels and looks good. A must have Latex and silicone free, lightweight TPE face piece.
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GSV Elipse P3 Half Dust Mask/Respirator

A compact, lightweight and flexible design that adapts perfectly to fit the contours of your face, enabling you to rest assured that you are fully protected from any dust and fumes containing substances such as mciro-organisms, rock wool, wood, marble, asbestos, silica, titanium oxide etc.

The Elipse Dust Mask P3 has a large central non-return valve which allows for a reduction of the user's breathing resistance and moisture build-up inside the mask to a minimum making it far more comfortable when worn for long periods of time.
It also comes with a non-slip strap that is easily adjustable to ensure safe use and maximum protection at all times, even in wet conditions or high humidity.

Elipse P3 Half Dust Mask/Respirator Key Features

  • Protects against dust and fumes that contain substances such as micro-organisms, marble, titanium oxide, wood, salt etc.
  • Protects against dust that can cause lung disease such as coal, silica, cotton, graphite, zinc etc.
  • Protects against asbestos
  • Pleated, interchangeable P3 filters with minimum efficiency of 99.95%
  • Breathing resistance of 4,2 mbar at a flow of 47,5 L/min for each filter
  • Maximum breathing resistance after loading is 7 mbar

Fields of application

Mining, steel miners, foundries, mechanical, pharmaceutical, cement, glass, ceramics, chemicals, textile industries, shipyards, battery manufacturing, toxic waste elimination, with asbestos fibres, reclamation, heavy metals, active manipulation.


Material used: hypoallergenic, odourless, medical grade and without latex or silicone
Temperature range: -5°C to +55°C
Storage life: 5 years for mask and filters
Weight: 132g (mask and filter)
Dimensions: Mask 93 x 128 x 110 mm
Filer 12 x 94 x 50 mm


Mask conforms to EN140: 1998
Filters conform to BS EN143: 2000/A1 P3 (R D)
Masks and filters are CE certified

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