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Health & Safety and Environmental Policies

Environmental Policy & Procedures Manual

Environmental Policy & Procedures Manual

Environmental Policy and Procedures Manual for all industries within the UK. This Environmental Policy has been specifically designed to assist companies in complying with their duties under UK and EU Environmental Legislation. This is a comprehensive Environmental Policy and Procedures Manual containing over 60 pages of information written by professional and qualified Environmental Practitioners.
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This environmental policy is tailored specifically to your business and constantly revised to stay up to date with changes in legislation.

This Environmental Policy includes:

  • Environmental Policy Statement
  • Organisation for the Management of Environmental Issues
  • Environmental Management Responsibilities
  • A wide selection of Environmental Procedures
  • Environmental Impact/Risk Assessment Procedures
  • Environmental Performance Monitoring and Review requirements
  • Wide selection of Miscellaneous Forms

Who is this Environmental Policy for?

The Environmental Policy and Procedures Manual is primarily aimed at those working within the Construction and Building Industries wishing to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining and improving the natural environment, but it is suitable for most industries within the UK.

We will even tailor the document to meet the specific needs of your business and include your company logo, name and any other relevant details so that all you need to worry about is getting it sent to clients.

What are the benefits of this Environmental Policy and Procedures Package?

Not only is it your legal duty to produce an Environmental Policy for your workplace, but this package can also help you to:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and maintaining the natural environment
  • Ensure that safe systems of work are in place for the protection of the environment
  • Provide a starting point for introducing positive environmental practices within the workplace
  • Lower your insurance premiums
  • Demonstrate to potential clients and business partners your approach to environmental management when tendering for work

This Environmental Policy is a highly cost-effective solution to assist with Environmental Management obligations.

All we require from you is some basic information about your company which we will request in an email then, once this has been received, we will customise your Environmental Policy and Procedures Manual and have it emailed over to you as a secure PDF that you can forward on to your clients as and when it is needed.

What Is Included in The Environmental Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Manual?

  • Environmental Policy Statement
  • Organisation and Responsibilities
  • Implementation of the Policy
  • Environmental Management Responsibilities
  • Environmental Management Procedures

If you need to demonstrate your organisations’ competence as well as comply with health and safety legislation, call us now for more information on our Environmental Policy and Procedures Manual on 01237 477 931.

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