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The Environmental Policy & Procedures software package has been specifically designed to assist companies to comply with their statutory duties under UK and EU Environmental Legislation. A truly comprehensive solution, the Environmental Policy & Procedures package contains over 60 pages of information, which has been written in Plain English, by professionally qualified Environmental Practitioners.  The software includes:

Ø      Environmental Policy Statement

Ø      Organisation for the Management of Environmental Issues

Ø      Environmental Management Responsibilities

Ø      A wide selection of Environmental Procedures

Ø      Environmental Impact/Risk Assessment Procedures

Ø      Environmental Performance Monitoring & Review requirements

Ø      Wide selection of Miscellaneous Forms


The Environmental Policy & Procedures software package offers much more than just an Environmental policy; it can also help you to:


Ø      Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and maintaining the natural Environmental

Ø      Ensure that safe systems of work are in place for the protection of the Environment

Ø      Provide a starting point to introduce positive Environmental practices within the workplace

Ø      Lower your insurance premiums

Ø      Demonstrate to potential clients and business partners your approach to environmental management when tendering for work


The Environmental Policy & Procedures software package therefore offers companies a highly cost effective solution to assist them with their Environmental Management obligations.


Who is the policy for?

The Environmental Policy and Procedures Manual is primarily aimed at those working within the Construction and Building Industries wishing to demonstrate its commitment to maintaining and improving the natural environment.  The Environmental Policy & Procedures software package has been specifically designed for this purpose and is aimed at everyone from the self employed to limited companies, including:


Ø      Builders and Contractors

Ø      Painters and Decorators

Ø      Factories and Manufacturers

Ø      Plus others associated industries with a requirement to manage their environmental responsibilities


This is probably the most comprehensive Environmental Policy & Procedures package available.


Furthermore, as the Environmental Policy & Procedures software package is supplied in a secure PDF format, it can easily be printed or emailed to your clients, and this means that we have customised it for you incorporating your company details, making it your policy from the start. Logos can be imported, and if necessary, additional pages and documents added, call us for further information.


The contents of the Environmental Policy and Procedures document are as follows:

Section One – Policy and Organisation


1.0       Environmental Policy Statement


2.0       Organisation


3.0       Implementation of the Policy


4.0       Environmental Management Responsibilities


4.1 Managing Director

4.2 Company Directors

4.3 Environmental Manager

4.4 Senior Management

4.5 All Employees


Section Two – Environmental Management Procedures


Ø      Air Pollution

Ø      Contaminated Land

Ø      Ecology, Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Ø      Noise and Vibration

Ø      Sustainable Development

Ø      Statutory Nuisance

Ø      Traffic Management

Ø      Water Pollution

Ø      Delivery, Storage, Refuelling and Spills of Fuel and Chemicals

Ø      Environmental Impact/Risk Assessments

Ø      Environmental Performance, Monitoring and Review


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