Electric Shock Health and Safety Poster - SSD


Product Code: PO3
Every employer is required to assess and reduce the risks of harm to its employees and others, including the risks associated with Electricity in the Workplace. This poster provides first aid information on what to do in the event of someone being electrocuted within the workplace. The Electric Sshock Health and Safety Poster has been completely updated and revised to take account of the new CPR procedures.

Electric Shock Posters - New Version

Our "Electric Shock" poster highlights the basic techniques for treating a casualty who has suffered an electric shock.

The poster covers:

  • Danger
  • Unconcious - Not Breathing 
  • Response
  • Unconcious - Breathing
  • Getting Help
  • Burns 
  • Airway & Breathing  
  • Other Injuries 

This poster uses simple bullet points and graphic illustrations to help reinforce the actions that should be taken when treating a casualty. It also offers user-friendly text and clear illustrations to help workers understand the importance of electrical safety in the workplace.

Our Electric Shock poster is supplied as a full colour plastic encapsulated poster, suitable for use in all workplaces.

The size of the Electrical Safety Poster is 590 x 420mm.

  • Weight: