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The Contractors CDM 2015 Compliance Kit has been specifically prepared to assist those carrying out the role of the Contractor or Principal Contractor under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 or CDM 2015.

Contractors CDM 2015 Compliance Kit
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The Contractors CDM 2015 Compliance Kit has been prepared to assist both Principal Contractors and Contractors in fulfilling their duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 or CDM 2015.

With the major changes to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 that came into force on the 6th April 2015, the regulations apply to far wider range of projects and contractors than ever before.  For example EVERY PROJECT now requires a Construction Phase Plan to be prepared, regardless of the size or scale of the works being undertaken; CDM 2015 now also applies to all Domestic Works as well as Commercial Works.  Furthermore, if there is more than one Contractor on the project, a Principal Contractor must be appointed even on domestic works. 

The increased levels of paperwork and bureaucracy are likely to be overwhelming for many small contractors, many of whom have previously not been affected by the CDM Regulations due to the nature of the works that they do, but under CDM 2015 there are no such exemptions and the CDM Regulations apply to ALL Construction; Building; Maintenace; Refurbishment and Repair works no matter how small.

The Contractors CDM 2015 Compliance Kit  is therefore an essential tool for every Contractor, no matter the size of your company or the contracts that you undertake.  The Contractors CDM 2015 Compliance Kit is your health and safety toolkit and contains all of the essential information and documentation needed to comply with the requirements of the CDM Regulations 2015 and where necessary, for you to be able to demonstrate your compliance with CDM 2015.

For those who do not have a detailed working knowledge of the CDM Regulations 2015, achieving compliance with the regulations is likely to be a challenging and daunting prospect, even many health and safety professionals simply do not understand the complexities and requirements of the 2015 CDM Regulations.  This is specifically why we have developed the Contractors CDM 2015 Compliance Kit, to help and assist the smaller contractor who does not necessarily have access to health and safety advice or have the first hand detailed knowledge of the requirements of CDM 2015.

The Contractors CDM 2015 Compliance Kit, can therefore help you discharge your duties quickly, efficiently and professionally.  This is achieved through the use of series of pre-prepared documents such as CDM Checklists; Construction Phase Plan Templates (for both Minor Works and more Comprehensive Works); Standard Letters; Questionnaires etc.

All of the information is supplied on a single CD ROM in Microsoft Word format for easy editing and updating.  This means that the Contractors CDM 2015 Compliance Kit can be used time and time again for an unlimited number of CDM 2015 projects, you are not restricted to using your CDM 2015 kit on just one project, which means this package provides unbeatable value for money!

The key elements of the Contractors CDM 2015 Compliance Kit includes:

  • An overview of the CDM 2015 Regulations
  • A summary of the main duties of the key CDM 2015 duty holders
  • A CDM 2015 Check list / CDM Audit sheet stating the actions needed to demonstrate compliance under the CDM Regulations 2015, and which can be used to establish an audit record of the actions taken
  • Flow chart to assist in determining when a project is notifiable under the CDM Regulations 2015
  • Procedures for the Management and Control of Contractors
  • A detailed CDM Construction Phase Plan for use on CDM Notifiable Projects, which can be easily amended and edited for specific projects
  • A second CDM Construction Phase Plan template for use on Minor Works which are short duration, low risk and non-notifiable under CDM 2015
  • Contractors Competence and Resource Questionnaires
  • Designers Competence and Resource Questionnaires 
  • Management of Health, Safety and Welfare procedures
  • Contractor Start up Form
  • Health, Safety and Welfare Inspection Reports

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System Requirements:


Ø Minimum processor - Pentium III or newer

Ø Recommended 128MB RAM or higher

Ø CD ROM drive

Ø Operating system Windows 98 or newer

Ø Microsoft Word 2007 or newer

  • Weight:

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