Clients CDM 2015 Compliance Kit - Construction Regulations


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The Clients CDM Compliance Kit has been specifically prepared to assist those fulfilling the role of the Client under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 or CDM 2015.

Clients CDM 2015 Compliance Kit
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The Clients CDM 2015 Compliance Kit has been specifically designed to assist clients and clients agents in complying with their duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015).  This includes assisting/prompting clients to:

  • Appoint a competent and adequately resourced Principal Designer and Designer(s) 
  • Provide adequate Pre-Construction Information on health and safety issues to the Principal Designer, Designers and Contractors
  • Appoint competent Contractors and Principal Contractors
  • Ensure a suitable Construction Phase Plan has been prepared before construction works commence
  • Ensure the Health & Safety File is received, maintained & available to those requiring it 
Under CDM 2015, the new CDM regulations and the associated HSE Guidance place even greater emphasis on clients to ensure that they not only appoint competent Contractors, Designers and Principal Designers, but also that Clients become more accountable for the impact that their role and approach has with regards to the implementation of health and safety.  The Clients CDM 2015 Compliance Kit therfore provides Clients with the tools and systems to enable them to competently carry out their role and duties whilst ensuring that information is provided to the relevant CDM duty holders in a timely and professional manner.  The software also includes a range of comprehensive MS Word based templates that help to simplify the Clients role and speed up the production and sharing of information with those who need it.

CDM 2015 states that ‘The client has one of the biggest influences over the way a project is run', clients therefore effectively set the tone for the project and have overall control as it is the client who is funding the project.  However, given that around 50% of all successful prosecutions under CDM have been against Clients, it is apparent that many Clients are unclear of their role and duties under the Regulations. 

The Client's CDM 2015 Compliance Kit can therefore help to ensure client's not only understand their role and duties, but also help to demonstrate how they have complied with the regulations, whilst also providing standard documents and templates to assist with the entire CDM process.

The Clients CDM 2015 Compliance Kit’s Key Features include:
  • Easy to use graphical interface which requires  no special training or knowledge and operates within the familiar Microsoft Office environment
  • Apply to multiple projects
  • Comprehensive automated Risk Assessment module
  • Produce Design Safety Reviews and Design Safety Statements
  • Comprehensive Audit Checklist for assessing the Principal Contractors Construction Phase Plan
  • Competence Assessment Questionnaires for assessing the Skills; Knowledge and Experience of duty holders
  • Produces full audit trail of actions taken and provides prompts for the user throughout each stage of the project
  • Includes wide selection of customisable documents and templates to assist clients
  • Fully compliant with the CDM Regulations and the Associated Guidance
  • Automated Risk Assessment Scoring system with detailed hazards checklist
  • Project information is divided into convenient project stages
  • Powerful search and find capabilities
  • Fully computerised and comprehensive solution to managing projects

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System Requirements:
  • Minimum processor - Pentium III or newer
  • Recommended 128MB RAM or higher
  • CD ROM drive
  • Operating system Windows 98  or newer
  • Microsoft Access 2007 or newer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Weight: