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Chemical Spills Poster

Chemical Spills Poster

This Chemical Spills Poster provides first aid information on how to best treat someone who has been exposed to a chemical spill in the workplace. This Chemical Spill Safety Poster takes take into account the new CPR procedures.
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Every employer is required, by law, to assess and reduce the risk of injury to its employees and others, this includes chemical hazards that can be found in most workplaces.

This Chemical Spills Poster highlights basic procedures in dealing with chemical spills and the injuries caused by this to individuals.

This poster includes:

  • Chemical Safety
  • Immediate First Aid
  • Response, Airways and Breathing
  • Chemical Decontamination – Eyes
  • Chemical Decontamination – Body
  • Spillage Procedure
  • Risk Control
  • Accident Follow Up

This Chemical Spills Safety Guidance Poster uses simple bullet points and clear illustrations to help highlight the actions that must be taken in the event of a chemical spill.

The poster is supplied laminated and in full colour to be displayed around the work premises.

The laminated Chemical Spills poster size is 590 x 420mm.

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