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Protecting Your Mental Health During A Pandemic

Mental Health and Coronavirus

The threat of coronavirus extends far beyond just those who are infected by it. It is having a monumental impact on many other areas of our lives and wider society too. For example, it is having a great effect on people who suffer from pre-existing mental health conditions such as anxiety and OCD. (more…)

What Is COSHH Training and Do I Need It?

All employers have a legal obligation to reduce any potential risks to their employee’s health. It is down to you to ensure that a workplace is fit for purpose, meets requirements, and above all else keeps your employees safe and well. (more…)

5 Facts About Asbestos

Facts About Asbestos

Asbestos is a harmful substance that, although is not used in construction today, is often found in older buildings, putting a number of workers at harm if they’re not correctly educated and protected – that’s where Asbestos Awareness Training Courses and PPE Equipment come in. (more…)

How To Keep Lone Workers Safe

Lone Worker Safety

Lone workers are hugely common within the UK with almost 8 million of them making up 22% of the workforce – and this figure is constantly on the rise.
Lone working includes remote workers (even those working from home), night/out of office hours workers, contractors and the self-employed, i.e. anyone who does not work under direct supervision and spends some or all of their working day alone would be classed as a lone worker.
These types of workers are extremely vulnerable with statistics from the British Crime Survey highlighting that 150 lone workers are attacked every day with the risks being higher for those who work in a public-facing role. (more…)

What Is Abrasive Wheels Training?

Abrasive Wheels

The Abrasive Wheels training course is designed to increase awareness for anyone who uses abrasive wheels as part of their job. (more…)

How To Write A Drug and Alcohol Policy For The Workplace

Drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace is more common than you would probably like to think, so it is important to have a clear policy written up in your employee handbooks and distributed to all staff. (more…)

How Can You Protect Your Employees When There is Extreme Winter Weather?

Last week, the UK experienced some of the heaviest snowfall in recent years with many places seeing up to 10 inches of snow over the course of 24 hours!

This is probably not the last time we will face treacherous weather conditions this winter, so we should do what we can to ensure that we are prepared for snow, ice and other weather hazards so that workers are not putting themselves in danger on their way to and from work. (more…)

How Can Online Health and Safety Training Benefit Your Business?

What Are The Benefits of Online Health and Safety Training

The benefits of online health and safety training for businesses are staggering; so much so, that it would seem silly not to purchase a heap of courses today and start earning those all important certificates. (more…)