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What Injuries Can Be Caused By Manual Handling?

injuries caused by manual handling

If not done correctly, manual handling in the workplace can result in any number of injuries including minor cuts and bruises, right up to more serious musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) such as back pain, muscle and tendon damage, and repetitive strain injury. (more…)

Biggest Causes of Workplace Accidents in 2018

What Were The Biggest Causes of Accidents in 2018

Last year almost two thirds of workplace accidents were caused by just three types of hazards: manual handling, slips, trips and falls and being struck by an object. These are all relatively avoidable and given the correct training and equipment you can ensure that your team are not part of the statistics this year. (more…)

Ten Tips For Manual Handling

Ten Tips For Manual Handling

Many of us will encounter manual handling activities in the workplace whether it’s lifting a box in the store room or transporting a delivery of goods, so that puts a lot of people at risk of a manual handling injury such as musculoskeletal disorder.

In fact, manual handling is one of the biggest causes of workplace injuries every year with roughly half a million non-fatal cases of MSD being reported and many more expected down the line. (more…)