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How To Prevent The Transmission of Coronavirus

Protect Against Coronavirus

The latest Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) was first reported on 31st December. Originating in China, it has since spread to other countries, with nine people in the UK testing positive for the illness. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine or medication to protect us; however, they are currently being developed. (more…)

Health and Safety Workplace Statistics for 2019/18

HSE 2019 stats

The HSE recently released their annual Health and Safety statistics for 2018/2019, and you should take the time to have a look through these in more detail, but we’re going to break down some of the most interesting figures. (more…)

Is Your Workplace Ready For Brexit?

Prepare your business for brexit

Brexit has been somewhat of a rollercoaster since the results were announced back in June 2016 (yes, this has been going on for over two and a half years) and with the UK officially leaving the EU on the 29th of March we may finally have some idea as to what this means for health and safety legislations.

There will still be ongoing discussions over certain key decisions that need to be made including trade talks, so we may not know the full outcome of Brexit until the end of 2020 – so this is in no way the end of Brexit headlines.

But how can you prepare yourself when it comes to health and safety in the workplace? (more…)

Five of the Biggest Health and Safety Risks in 2018

Five Biggest Health and Safety Risks in 2018

As we continue to move into the new year, OSHCR (Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register) has warned of the five biggest risks to employee health and safety in 2018. These are things that you should be aware of now so that you can put procedures and practices in place to prevent or reduce these risks.
As you will see, many of them fall under the category of technology whether it be us using it or it creeping into the workplace as our replacement, as the digital world advances each year it introduces new and bigger risks to the workplace… (more…)

Biggest (and Most Ridiculous) Health and Safety Myths

Health and Safety Myths

There are myths aplenty in the world of health and safety but the HSE are quick to clear up any workplace rumours.
The following are real cases presented to HSE and they busted the myth pretty promptly: (more…)