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Knowing Your Fire Extinguishers Can Save Lives

Fire Extinguishers in the workplace

Everyone dreads the fire alarm practise, especially when it’s cold, raining (sometimes even snowing), and we have a lot of work we would much prefer to be getting on with. However, it is an annoyance we all forbear as we understand how crucial they are in keeping everybody in the workplace safe. (more…)

How To Create and Implement A Fire Safety Procedure At Work

How To Create and Organise A Fire Safety Procedure At Work

Every workplace needs the appropriate assessments and policies in place for any health and safety risks and potentially dangerous situations, and this includes fire safety.

In 2015/2016 there were approximately 30,000 workplace fires which injured 2,000 and killed 39 people – a devastation of which 80% of businesses will never fully recover!