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PPE and Heat Stress

PPE and Heat Stress at Work

As we move into Phase 3 of the Government’s ‘Plan To Rebuild’ and many places of work and businesses start to reopen under the new Covid-19 secure guidelines, PPE has quickly become the norm for workplaces that would not normally wear it such as retail stores, hair salons and restaurants. (more…)

Steps You Need To Take To Get Your Workplace COVID-19 Secure

As we begin to see the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, businesses across the country will be looking forward to returning to some form of normality.
Nevertheless, the threat of coronavirus is by no means gone, and the lessons of the past few months will encourage businesses and other institutions to remain vigilant and to take all the necessary precautions in order to ensure employees and the public can remain safe.  (more…)

Fit Testing Face Masks

Fitting A Face Mask

As construction sites and manufacturing businesses begin to open up, following the guidance released by the Government this week, one of the precautionary measures that many people have taken upon themselves to implement is the use of face masks. (more…)

RIDDOR Reporting and COVID-19

Reporting COVID-19 to HSE

Under RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations) employers/businesses are expected to report cases of COVID-19 to the HSE, as they would any other disease or illness that an employee has been exposed to in the workplace. (more…)

Coronavirus and the Importance of a Workplace Pandemic Preparedness Policy

Pandemic Preparedness Policy

With coronavirus hitting the UK, the World Health Organisation (WHO) characterising it as a pandemic, and Donald Trump banning travel from European countries to the US (except for the UK), businesses may have to make some big decisions to ensure workforce safety. (more…)

Your Duty Under RIDDOR

Your Duties Under RIDDOR

All employers have a duty of care towards their workers which means that they must take all necessary steps to ensure their health, safety and well-being at all times whilst at work.
This includes conducting a risk assessment to identify any hazards and put appropriate control measures in place, providing workers with any PPE that they need to keep them safe on site as well as any health and safety training they need before carrying out certain tasks.
It also means that, if an incident does take place, you must report it. (more…)

Employers’ Health and Safety Responsibilities

Employers' Responsibilities Towards Health and Safety

Employers are responsible for the health and safety of all employees and visitors to their premises. Visitors include customers, suppliers and the public. Essentially, it is an employers’ duty to look after every person on site and make sure they do not come to harm. There are also regulations in place to deal with certain hazards and also for industries where hazards are particularly high. (more…)

Essential Safety Equipment for Construction Workers

Essential Safety Equipment for Construction

In the construction industry, having the essential safety equipment is a health and safety expectation. No matter the task expected to be completed, there are hazards which will require unique safety measures to be put in place to protect staff. Without proper precautions in place, these risk factors can be life threatening. (more…)

Hazards of Working At Height

Working At Height Hazards

When working at height, appropriate precautions are required in order for staff to stay safe. Working in these conditions presents an array of different hazards for workers to contend with that usually wouldn’t be a big issue at ground level. According to Health and Safety Executive, there are around 40 fatal injuries a year (equating to 28% of workplace accidents) as a result of falls from height – just over half of these were in the construction sector. There is also an estimated 43,000 cases of non-fatal accidents caused by falls from heights. Therefore, being aware of potential hazards and how to avoid them in the workplace is crucial for both employers and employees alike. (more…)

10 Common Dangers on a Construction Site

According to the latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive, the construction industry topped the list for fatal injuries in the UK during 2017/18. For the period, there were a total of 144 workers killed at work (38 in the construction) across the UK which was an increase of 9 from 2016/17.

It is quite clear from these statistics that we all still need to be made aware of the common dangers on a construction site. This is our list of 10 common dangers with some advice on how to prevent them. (more…)