Method Statements, Risk Assessments & COSHH Assessments


Safety Services Direct Ltd offers a professional Method Statement and Risk Assessment writing service for all types of activities and tasks.

Method statements are an important part of your health and safety control measures and specify exactly how you should control the hazards and risks associated with your works.  As well as being a legal requirement, you will find that many clients and main contractors will not allow you to start works until you have prepared and provided them with a copy of your method statements and/or risk assessments. 

A professionally prepared method statement can also mean the different between winning and losing a tender, your client and/or the main contractor will soon spot a poorly written method statement and this will only demonstrate that you do not understand your responsibilities and are prepared to take shortcuts when it comes to health and safety.

The Problem

As clients and contractors will no longer just accept any old risk assessment or method statement, you need to ensure that your method statements and risk assessments are relevant and specific to the works that you are carrying out, whilst addressing all of the risks and hazards associated with the work.  In addition to this, method statements should also specify how you are going to deal with the hazards, whilst ensuring the proposals in your method statement are legal and in compliance with current health and safety regulations.

For many contractors the preparation of method statements and risk assessments can be a daunting and frustrating prospect, they may not be sure what to include in the method statements, or they may not have the time needed to actually sit down and prepare the documentation for themselves.

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The Solution

This is where Safety Services Direct Ltd can help you, as we specialise in working with and assisting small and medium sized contractors to prepare their method statements, risk assessments and other health and safety documentation.  Whether you need competent advice; help with writing method statements; or assistance with your risk assessments, we can provide you with a cost effective, professional service that will not only provide you with the health and safety documentation that you need, but it will also impress your clients and demonstrate to them that you are a professional competent contractor that they can trust and work with.

So whatever your method statement or risk assessment needs and requirements are, Safety Services Direct Ltd can offer a professional cost effective method statement writing service for the preparation of all of your health and safety documentation.

What Makes Us Different?

Well this is simple, not only are we Chartered Health and Safety Consultants, we are also Chartered Construction Professionals and Chartered Environmentalists, so we have a thorough understanding of the problems and difficulties experienced by all types of contractors whilst working on site trying to comply with the wishes and requirements of their clients and main contractors.  Furthermore, we have and do actually write real method statements and risk assessments, as opposed to the made up 'example' method statements that are provided by most health and safety consultants.

In addition to our qualification and experience, we also offer a unique service where we prepare method statements and risk assessments for all types of contractor throughout the UK - so regardless of whether you are involved in the demolition of a building, the refurbishment of an old property or the cleaning of external windows on an office block, the chances are that we will have been involved in something similiar in the past.

When it comes to Method Statements, Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments and CDM Health and Safety Plans, we offer a complete one-stop-shop.  We are also probably the only consultants that can provide you with readily available access to competent health and safety advice, competent construction safety advice and competent Environmental advice at the same time; at an affordable price and at a time convenient to you. 

The quality of our services and customer satisfaction are the most important factors of our business, we understand that you have deadlines and can not afford to wait days for a consultant to call you back, or for another week before a consultant will even start looking at your preparing your method statements.  We therefore pride ourselves on always being available, calling you outside of working hours if necessary and providing a service of the highest quality within agreed timescales and to an agreed fixed budget.  So put us to the test and we will usually get your method statements prepared before most consultants even get around to returning your call!

If you would like to talk to a Health and Safety Professional about Method Statements, Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments, Health and Safety Plans or any other Health and Safety Documentation, then please call us today on the following number:

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We can offer you a fixed price quotation for undertaking the work on the same day of your enquiry, and can usually complete the preparation of the Method Statements or Risk Assessments within a couple of days.  Call us on 01237 477931 to discuss your requirements and to obtain sensible practical advice.

Alternatively, please click on the links below to read our Method Statement and Risk Assessment Information Sheets, but please remember that if you have any questions or are unsure about anything to do with Health and Safety it will not cost you anything to speak to one of our advisors. 

Method Statement Information Sheet

Risk Assessment Information Sheet

The type of Method Statements that we typically prepare include:

As Chartered Construction and Chartered Safety Professionals we understand the construction industry as well as health and safety and provide professional advice and assistance that is right for you!  Just give us a call to discuss your specific method statement and risk assessment needs. 

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