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Construction COSHH Assessments software fully updated for the new COSHH/CLP Regulations Harmonised Pictograms/symbols. The COSHH Assessments package includes a series of completed COSHH Assessments for key substances and products used in the building and construction industry. This package makes COSHH Assessments easy!

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COSHH Assessments

Fully updated for the new EU/UN Harmonised Pictograms/Symbols and fully compliant with the CLP Regulations.

The Construction COSHH Assessments software package has been specifically designed to assist organisations working in the construction industry to carry out COSHH Assessments and to comply with their duties under the COSHH or Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 (as amended 2004). Our COSHH Assessments software package offers well over 100 pages of comprehensive COSHH Assessments with guidance information and a wide selection of completed preliminary COSHH assessments, all of which have been professionally prepared by Health and Safety and Construction experts. 

All of the assessments have been updated to include the new Harmonised Pictograms, or CoSHH Symbols:


New CoSHH Symbols

If you are struggling to understand what a COSHH Assessment is, or how to carry out a COSHH Assessment, then our COSHH Assessments software package will not only enable you to prepare professional COSHH Assessments, but it will also help you to communicate the contents of the COSHH assessments to your staff with our carefully developed easy to understand COSHH Assessments templates.  These templates are easy to understand and are structured to help communicate the important elements of the COSHH Assessments to those on site.

The Construction COSHH Assessments software pack includes:

Ø      A detailed COSHH Policy and COSHH Assessments Guidance Manual

Ø      General information on why COSHH Assessments are required; the legal requirements; when, how and who should carry out COSHH Assessments

Ø      A Health Surveillance form pro-forma

Ø      Blank COSHH Assessments forms and templates for subsequent completion by the software user

Ø      A print friendly A3 size COSHH Symbols information poster

Safety Services Direct Ltd CoSHH Symbols Poster

Ø      40 completed preliminary COSHH Assessments supplied in Microsoft Word format for key substances and products which are commonly used within the Construction and Building industries

COSHH Assessment

CLICK HERE for a full list of the completed Construction COSHH Assessments included within the package. 

Each of the COSHH Assessments assesses the risk, specifies control measures and where applicable, provides reference to additional guidance information to the COSHH Assessment and the hazards and control measures.

Easy to use and understand COSHH Assessment proforma's incorporating pictograms, tick boxes and tables:

New COSHH Symbols


The Construction COSHH Assessments package also includes comprehensive guidance on:

  • Why COSHH Assessments are required
  • What the legal requirements are
  • When to carry out a COSHH Assessments
  • Who should carry out COSHH Assessments
  • How to carry out a COSHH Assessment (Step by step) 

The Construction COSHH Assessments pack provide a comprehensive solution for assisting with and producing COSHH Assessments for those working in the Construction industry.

Our price includes FREE ongoing telephone and email support in the use and application of your software package!


COSHH Assessments

System Requirements:

Ø Minimum processor - Pentium III or newer

Ø Recommended 128MB RAM or higher

Ø CD ROM drive

Ø Operating system Windows XP or newer

Ø Microsoft Word

Ø Adobe Acrobat Reader


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