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Product Description and Information

Software for Risk Assessments and Method Statements

The Construction Risk Assessments Plus (Method Statement) - Volume I software package consists of two parts.  Part 1 contains over 60 generic (completed) Construction Risk Assessments for a wide variety of construction and construction related activities.  Each of the construction risk assessments have been prepared to identify and assess the risks associated with a task or activity, each construction risk assessment also identifies who may be affected, and the control measures to be put in place.  The package also includes a method statement module enabling users to quickly and easily create their own professional method statements.

This package is suitable for:

  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Electricians
  • Plumbers
  • Plasterers
  • Brickwork contractors
  • Civil Engineering companies
  • Groundworks companies
  • Plant hire campanies
  • Roofing contractors
  • Drainage contractors
  • Landscape gardeners
  • Sign erection companies
  • Building Maintenance Companies
  • Scaffolders
  • Carpenters and joiners
  • and many more......... in fact anyone needing to prepare Risk Assessments or Method Statements for use in the building and construction industry

RISK, ASSESSMENT, METHOD, STATEMENTS, ONLINE, Builders  Contractors  Electricians  Plumbers  Plasterers  Brickwork contractors  Civil Engineering companies  Groundworks companies  Plant hire campanies  Roofing contractors  Drainage contractors  Landscape gardeners

Each of the completed Construction Risk Assessments are fully editable and can be revised and amended to suit the specific needs of your project.  Your company name, logo and project details can also be added to the Construction Risk Assessments to help make them project specific.  Blank Construction Risk Assessments and Method Statement templates are also provided to enable you to create your own additional construction risk assessments and method statements to compliment those provided within the package.

The Construction Risk Assessments are divided into the following key sections:

General Construction Activities
Use of Plant, Tools and other Equipment
Work at height/on Roofs

Each of the Construction Risk Assessments are prepared in a straightforward easy to understand format:

CONSULTANCY, ONLINE, PACKAGE, SERVICE, Builders, Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers, Brickwork contractors  Civil Engineering companies  Groundworks companies  Plant hire campanies, Roofing, contractors, Drainage, Landscape,  gardeners

CLICK HERE for a full list of the completed Construction Risk Assessments included within the package.  Alternatively a list of all the completed Construction Risk Assessments can be found in the PowerPoint Presentation that can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

The Construction Risk Assessments also identify the people affected by the activity; the PPE requirements; suggested additional risk control measures to be considered, and where applicable references to additional reading material and guidance, from organisations such as the HSE, is provided.  

CONSULTANCY, ONLINE, PACKAGE, SERVICE, Builders, Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers, Plasterers, Brickwork contractors  Civil Engineering companies, Groundworks companies, Plan gardenerst hire campanies, Roofing, contractors, Drainage, Landscape,

Part 1 of the Construction Risk Assessments Plus (Method Statement) package also contains detailed guidance on how to carry out your own, task specific, Construction Risk Assessments, together with notes on the classification of risks and a detailed hazards checklist. 

Part 2 of the Construction Risk Assessments Plus (Method Statement) package contains a detailed Method Statement template and guidance note to enable builders and contractors to create their own site specific Method Statement.   As with the Risk Assessments, the Method Statement template can be edited and amended to suit your specific project requirements.  Whilst the above risk assessments can be used as method statements for lower risk activities, the method statement module enables the user to quickly prepare professional site specific method statements.  Due to the nature of method statements, generic off-the-shelf solutions are not possible, though we do also offer a METHOD STATEMENT WRITING SERVICE, please contact us for more details.


A Professional Method Statement Template is also included

The Method Statement template provided with the Construction Risk Assessments Plus software, has been developed so that the information needed for a Method Statement (or Method Statements) is presented in simple logical steps that enable professional and comprehensive method statement / method statements to be prepared.  This also makes the preparation and communication of your method statements, to others more effective.  The use of pictograms and prompts has been incorporated throughout the method statement, to help assist with the communication and understanding of the information contained within your method statements.  It also has the added benefit of making the method statements quicker and easier to prepare.


To help and assist builders and contractors in the preparation of their method statements, we have also included a detailed information that outlines what information needs to be included in each of your Method Statements. You may also be interested to know that we offer a Method Statement writing service, where we write and prepare all of your site specific health and safety documentation for you, including risk assessments, method statements, COSHH assessments and CDM health and safety plans.  For more information on our method statement and risk assessment writing service, simply call us on 08453 669933 (local rates apply at all times).

The Construction Risk Assessments Plus (Method Statement) package has been prepared as a Microsoft Word document and are colour coded for ease of reference.  Blank forms are included to allow users to create their own Construction Risk Assessments and Method Statements.  All the documents are fully customisable and the user has full control over the content of the Method Statements and Construction Risk Assessments.

Also available: Construction Risk Assessments Plus - Volume II, CLICK HERE for more information!

Our price includes FREE ongoing telephone and email support in the use and application of your software package!

 System Requirements:

Ø Minimum processor - Pentium III or newer

Ø Recommended 128MB RAM or higher

Ø CD ROM drive

Ø Operating system Windows 98 or newer

Ø Microsoft Word

construction risk assessments, construction risk assessment

Click HERE for a PowerPoint Presentation

Click HERE for a PDF Brochure

Alternatively if you need risk assessments or method statements prepared for a specific job, click here to contact us about our competively priced risk assessment and method statement writing service.


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